#001 | 03/02/16

Condition Sunday

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Condition Sunday:
Sunday 1.30 pm. Does that count as early morning? Yes, because the night was long, almost too long. Around 8 o´clock in the morning you tripped out of a club. You had definitely 1 or 2 drinks too many. Now your hoping to get through the day so that you can start fresh into the new week tomorrow. After the 2nd shower, with which you try to get back to your usual self, you again get a grip that you´re really too old for that now. It feels like your head will explode in a minute and you realize you should have paid attention to what your parents always tried to tell you. Just to calm your conscience you start with it right now. Following the gusto: a perfect day always begins with a good breakfast.

Coffee, lot´s of coffee,
and primarily strong coffee.

The Breakfast:
Of course you are not really in the mood to go outside to your favorite bakery to get a variety of awesome pastries. But the contence of your fridge reminds you of a ghost train ride: One slice of cheese, two pieces of toast, a little bit of granny´s homemade jam and a drop of milk. As a matter of fact - with a grumbling tummy that´s quite something. What´s still missing to convert you from a suffering to a human being with sophistication is coffee – lot´s of coffee and primarily strong stuff. Put a handful of coffee beans into the grinder, boil water and pour all into the French Press or through a filter. As Grandma always used to say: The darkest coffee is the best coffee.

For the rest of the day:
After a cup of Robusto you´ll have your dignity back. This is a good moment to consider to change this lame Sunday into a productive one. You celebrate yourself for overcoming this hardship. Because spending the whole Sunday lying down is not your style. So if you finally managed to get out of the cozy depth of your beloved couch and into an upright position then go for a traditional walk as your parents always did. Ok maybe that would be way too much but a walk in the park or meeting your friends would be a great goal for a Sunday. Suffering with your possie is better than alone.